Tuesday, December 21, 2010



My family and I went to Genting for watching the magic show 'GLITZ'

6 somethings,we reached there.

Having a dinner in Mc.Donald
Even in a cold weather, I still enjoy my ice-cream :)

Then, we played some games also.
9pm,we entered the magic show.

Nice show..!

My doggie :)


Originally,we had a appointment.
But, you missed it!
I wait at yr hse outside 15 minutes
Keep call you and press the bell ring,
But still, you didn't answer it!

Fine,I go for myself.
Because I don't want to disturb my lover and other friends.

Had a dinner at Korean restaurant
I ordered a 'naeng myeon'(the noodles that I wanna to eat long time ago)
And a Korea ice-cream for dessert and a drink.
Enjoy it with SHINee XD

cold noodles

Korea ice-cream*I like it!
After that, buy a magazine and went to Coffee Bean enjoy myself.

Pure Double Chocolate

I learned to separate
I did it..!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

오 빠 생일축하합니다 ♥

Firstly,Happy Belated B'day To Charisma Minho :)

SHINee World have written a blessing to you

And SNSD's Yuri also.

Now, is ONEW turn :D

Yeah,my SHINee's leader Lee Jinki (onew)
kid leader^^

SHINee World have written a blessing to you also.
I wrote in SHINee's page too

To: Jinki/Onew/dubu/ 豆腐/온유 오 빠

Saengil Chukahamnida (Happy B'day)
Keep yr smile
Take care of your voice
Take care yr member also.

Whatever he does, is the Onew condition ;)

SHINee fighting..!