Friday, August 12, 2011


This unknown relationship between us has been maintained for some time. You brought me joy and sorrow.
I will not ask you the same question anymore. Even though I ask how many times, I will not get any answer. I fell fed up.
I thought that even we are not a couple but I can feel the way you treat me different from other girls, but actually not. I don't see any different.
Meanwhile, I'm jealous . Maybe. I'm all flustered!
Other than that, now only I know u just treat me as a BFF ! Sigh~
I thought .. we're not just that simple. But now, it might be my thought only.

I want to text you every time but I'm afraid I'll disturb you for study, so I rather my phone out of credit.That's the only way I can control myself not to text you.
I remember those memories you had gave me, but you may not see this as a same thing.
I enjoyed be with you every moment, I treasure that we have walked together. I will not forget it.

Even today, as I still wandered by your side. Day has passed again and again.I realized that I can't let my heart keep growing. It tells me to stop. I know I should make a decision. This situation is really hard to me. I'm really confused whether I left or not.

I think my heart has given up. I'm sick but I still have to let you go, because you left my heart, because you're not in my heart that you used to live in. It looks like I'm looking for your space.

I'm glad to know you, you're such a nice friend.
The moment you're sent to my side, my heart is gratitude. I'm truly thankful .