Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saddest .

The tears filled up in my eyes,
they told me it's time to let it go ..


Monday, April 25, 2011

Beloved Mother B'day ..


That was a special day for my mom , because that's her birthday!
All right, My elder sister and I bought a bunch of flowers to her

*Carnation - a type of flower for mother.

We decided to give a surprise to her, and so we hide at outside my house .
I was hugging my dog and my sister was holding the flowers. While she was back, we go and press my house's bell ring .
Ding Dong~~!
While she open the door, i shouted 'Happy B'day' to her ! She shocked !
Ahaha!! But the thing we knew that she was so happy <3

After that, my daddy came back and took us to dinner
We went to South Sea for our dinner..

Australian Abalone ;) Alive & Kickin

My eldest sis and me

My mom and me

My dog and me XD

Within two weeks, I have in the sick state ! I felt very hard !!
This is my own deserve, because I ate Mc' Donald day by day, swimming in the middle of the night, drank wine, sing k, coffee and coffee with my classmates..
But I wont do that again !! I 'll keep healthy ^^

SHINee !!

In E-Pop again !! WoW, I like this so much ;D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Annoyance .

Everyone said that Puppy Love Couldn't Stay Longer..
Is that right??

Everyone tried to persuade me to Give Up ..
Is that right??

Everyone told me that The Next Will Be Better ..
Is that right??

Everyone told me Do Not Waste Time On Him Anymore ..
Is that right??

Ohh~~ For me, it is very difficult.
I really
have to make this decision??

This relationship
has been winding me eight months
, I'm almost collapsed le .. :(

In fact, I don't care how people say ^.^
But .. My love has limits !

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love Pain

Hmms, I have something to say..
Seriously !!

I did a very foolish thing in the April Fools Day
I had changed my relationship status
Unexpected, that you would congratz me
Omg~! You broke my heart..Really hurt me !!

I realize that LOVE doesn't means must be together
And I don't care about the relationship between you & me , I just care how you think of me
But you don't even give me an answer/respond
Do you like me ? *You always avoid this question
I don't know what love means to you

8 months, I waited and waited
The person I love and love again..
I been waiting for so long , for something to arrive
For love to come along !!

I'll be standin' there by you