Friday, December 30, 2011

An ending of 2011

Sometimes you got rejected or ignored by some reasons, you wouldn't give up easily.
And thus you put all your effort , tried & tried , hoping for a miracle .

Eventually you got nothing but experiences. Failure experience.
You wouldn't try anymore , you don't want to depress yourself, you've exhausted of being a fool.
But still you don't wish to move on even though you know you couldn't get what you want .

As time goes by , you only realize that in fact you've already let go ..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A full stop of high school life .

Phew ~~ Bye SPM ! :P

Yesterday was my last day of having exam in my high school . Sad but true ..
Chinese Paper 2 is killing me !! Damn hard ! All of us shocked when we saw the question.
By the way, I have tried my best . No regrets !

Last day of wearing Baju Kurung . Bye , my uniform ..

Before I leave , I glanced to 4th floor * The memories of 5Harmoni 2011 *
Hmms .. :(