Monday, March 26, 2012


See~ Sleepy DonDon ^.^

21/3/12 - Result Day !


Although some people think I didn't get my good result, I'm still satisfied ;)
The next problem - Diploma or Foundation?
I'm confusing ~~

Saturday, March 17, 2012


14/3/2012 Gathering with my primary school friends

I saw someone waved at me when I reached. I approached to look more closely, is Aik Ann ! Glad that he still recognized me :D We also met the others, after that.

Secret Recipe

2nd round- D' fortune

Yes ! :D

Girls ~

Non-stop chit chat about our primary school's memories. I couldn't stop laughing at the stupid things we did 6 years ago . So damn funny! xD
We even called our primary form teacher. But sadly, she only remember our monitor :(

Although only 12 people participated this gathering, we still had lots of fun, seriously !
I miss those moments, miss my childhood :(

They're all shocked when they know that I'm a act stream student. I just sighed.
I'm very regret for not study well on my secondary career.

Few days more, I'm going back to school to take my SPM result .
What can I do? Sigh again ..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Dinner

Last Saturday my family & I went to a wedding dinner.
Such a harsh environment ! Nothing to praise so let's see the photos

In the car :)




3 of us

And also DonDon ^.^

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Her ♥

Hey ~ I suddenly think about you.
How's life? I know you're fine through Facebook, aren't you?

Is Minho still yr bias? :) I miss those moment when we talk about K-pop, talk about SHINee , sharing lame jokes, making fun of our classmate & eating in the class .
My deep impression of us was burst out laughing in the class and get scolded by teacher xD

I still remember the letter you wrote for me when I was absent in Form 4. From those words, I know you concerned about me. I do care about you too ! I was about to cry when I read your letter, but I hold my tears back. The funny thing which is still stuck in my mind is when you fall into sleep while teacher is teaching in the class and after you woke up you were like 'Oh? Did I sleep just now? ' xD I guess you're too tired

I'm glad if you're reading this post . You are still important to me
My 5 years classmate , My 5 years deskmate & My 5 years best friend .

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last night , I had headache that awaken me from sleep.
I couldn't sleep because of the unstoppable pain and even a short walk was agony.
I hope that tonight I can sleep well. I sincerely pray for that !

Don Don with SHINee xD Play Etude ^.^
[RUMUOR] SHINee will be having their comeback before 25 March !
Yeah !!!!!!!! I'm waiting ! :D