Saturday, March 17, 2012


14/3/2012 Gathering with my primary school friends

I saw someone waved at me when I reached. I approached to look more closely, is Aik Ann ! Glad that he still recognized me :D We also met the others, after that.

Secret Recipe

2nd round- D' fortune

Yes ! :D

Girls ~

Non-stop chit chat about our primary school's memories. I couldn't stop laughing at the stupid things we did 6 years ago . So damn funny! xD
We even called our primary form teacher. But sadly, she only remember our monitor :(

Although only 12 people participated this gathering, we still had lots of fun, seriously !
I miss those moments, miss my childhood :(

They're all shocked when they know that I'm a act stream student. I just sighed.
I'm very regret for not study well on my secondary career.

Few days more, I'm going back to school to take my SPM result .
What can I do? Sigh again ..

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