Friday, December 30, 2011

An ending of 2011

Sometimes you got rejected or ignored by some reasons, you wouldn't give up easily.
And thus you put all your effort , tried & tried , hoping for a miracle .

Eventually you got nothing but experiences. Failure experience.
You wouldn't try anymore , you don't want to depress yourself, you've exhausted of being a fool.
But still you don't wish to move on even though you know you couldn't get what you want .

As time goes by , you only realize that in fact you've already let go ..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A full stop of high school life .

Phew ~~ Bye SPM ! :P

Yesterday was my last day of having exam in my high school . Sad but true ..
Chinese Paper 2 is killing me !! Damn hard ! All of us shocked when we saw the question.
By the way, I have tried my best . No regrets !

Last day of wearing Baju Kurung . Bye , my uniform ..

Before I leave , I glanced to 4th floor * The memories of 5Harmoni 2011 *
Hmms .. :(

Friday, November 11, 2011

Special days

04/11/2011 Graduate day !

Tears welled up in my eyes when we hugged the teachers who had taught us , but still I can control not to let them fall . Also, I hugged my friends and wished them good luck .

Had a farewell party at my house , we invited teachers also .

To commemorate our memorable moments in secondary school , I've made a video . ^.^

07/11/2011 My Big Day :D

Had a great celebration with my lover . Your plan totally surprised me !
Btw, Thank you lover , I u .

Ah huh ! My dearest monitor , although your plan has failed , I appreciate too .
You're the one who can bear my temper xD

Thanks for your gift

And thanks to those friends who had sent me wishes :)

A very special day ! Hope it can bring me luckiest .

Is sad to say 3 days more and I'm going to sit for my final examination in my high school ..
S - P - M !!

Therefore, I should stop here and study . Bye ~

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Finally, exam is over !!
Finally, I'm willing to update my bloggie ^.^

Trial exam has passed, but SPM is coming !
OMG !! I'm not ready yet haiz

Bye guys. It is time for me to do my revision .
Fighting !

Friday, August 12, 2011


This unknown relationship between us has been maintained for some time. You brought me joy and sorrow.
I will not ask you the same question anymore. Even though I ask how many times, I will not get any answer. I fell fed up.
I thought that even we are not a couple but I can feel the way you treat me different from other girls, but actually not. I don't see any different.
Meanwhile, I'm jealous . Maybe. I'm all flustered!
Other than that, now only I know u just treat me as a BFF ! Sigh~
I thought .. we're not just that simple. But now, it might be my thought only.

I want to text you every time but I'm afraid I'll disturb you for study, so I rather my phone out of credit.That's the only way I can control myself not to text you.
I remember those memories you had gave me, but you may not see this as a same thing.
I enjoyed be with you every moment, I treasure that we have walked together. I will not forget it.

Even today, as I still wandered by your side. Day has passed again and again.I realized that I can't let my heart keep growing. It tells me to stop. I know I should make a decision. This situation is really hard to me. I'm really confused whether I left or not.

I think my heart has given up. I'm sick but I still have to let you go, because you left my heart, because you're not in my heart that you used to live in. It looks like I'm looking for your space.

I'm glad to know you, you're such a nice friend.
The moment you're sent to my side, my heart is gratitude. I'm truly thankful .

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hari Koko 2011

Yesterday was our school's Hari - Koko Day .
Oh~ yeah , I like that! I like those programs especially Hip Hop Idol !
Mario, me & Jac keep shouting .' Wow . Encore Encore !!' xD That's what we shouted

Taekwondo . So man ! xD

Before the end, we joined the Chicken Dance

everyone laughed while dancing

Finish !

Although the choreography is a bit awkward, we enjoyed dancing too.

I hope next year's Hari- Koko I'll be available to come back to participate in or watch the show.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yummy Cakeeee !

Hey guys , I'm back ! Finally willing to update my blog ^.^ Tee-Hee
Originally me and Jac want to participate in Cake Decoration on Hari-Koko , but eventually canceled :(
Because of time constraints must be completed within 45 minutes, and we don't think we can finish that. So sad!

It's okay, I felt better now.
We've done a cake and so we got an experience.
After school, my sis fetched me and Jac went to buy the ingredient on Monday.
Had a lot of fun when we're making that cake. We non-stop laughing because of the cream xD
Let's take a look~

The theme is SPORT. So, we chose football :)

Nice? I don't think so xD
But my friends said nice * hey guys, I know you're comforted me
Anyway thanks :)
And the taste.. Hmms ~ I think not bad. Yea, that's great ! Yummy ^.^
I like it! I like pastry, dessert and all the sweet things hehe

The next, I decided to make cookies . Hope that I succeed. God bless me !

Yah ~! I have changed my blog song. I love this song !!
Onew !! His voice is soooooo soft,warm,charm and.. I dont know how to express . Lols
If you listen you'll understand what I'm talking about . Chu~!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ding Dong !

Hey , I'm back ! ^.^

17/6/11 was our school's Teacher Day.
This was the 1st time I attended for Teacher Day within this five years .
I attended because this is the last year for me to stay at SMK TBM :(
I would be very sad when I mention 'the last year'!
I've only got six months of the times to stay in this school :(
But I knew it won't change, so finally I accepted the fact !

Aish ! Skip the sadness subject .
Btw ,the performance was awesome ! They tried their best to perform a great show to us .

Yesterday was my cousin's 21st birthday.
8pm, he sent me and my sister to grandma's house.
I arrived only to find that all relatives have been in attendance -.-
After eating, we went to second round - Big Echo to singk ;D
I prefer Neway, but there already full . SAD !
We've rocked until 3am. I wonder why I didn't feel tired. Bravo ! Haha
My cousin overnight in my house because he was drunk. xD

At last, I wish all the fathers Happy Father Day ! <3

Hot Summer Hot Hot Summer !!

Friday, June 3, 2011

June Holiday

Oh yeah ! Finally I can sign in my blog ady !! :D
I forgot what I want to tell ady -.-

Nvm lahh.

Holidays~~!! That's great !!
Is time to relax? Should I say that? Yes!!

Out with my friends. We met at Jusco bus stop. Sry to my friend for waiting me and jac xD
Had a cup of Caramel Latte at Starbucks * taste good ! Jac drank Chocolate Cream Chip * naughty girl ! Drink cold beverage in the morning :P

After that, we went to Selayang Mall by teksi.
Went there for playing the bowling , and also release stress xD Because the Mid Year Examination had been giving us a lot of pressure. Especially the marks ! OMG
Hope that Trial will be better and I'll keep on fighting !!Yes, I will !!
Then, we went back to Jusco for Movie *KungFu Panda 2. Sooooo Cute!!
Even though the story is too short, it's still funny.

27/5/11 Jac's B'day
I gave her a surprise xD Stupid her Ahaha . But I knew u r so moving .
Btw, Happy B'day Yeobo <3

Hmms , I like my blogger's song
Because Tears Are Overflowing . This song is great. I like the lyrics .It's meaningful.
Sang by Jessica Jung from Girls' Generation :) What a sweet voice

I think that's all for today, will be update again
I'm gonna read my story book right now
Night , guys ;D (give u a wink) xD

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saddest .

The tears filled up in my eyes,
they told me it's time to let it go ..


Monday, April 25, 2011

Beloved Mother B'day ..


That was a special day for my mom , because that's her birthday!
All right, My elder sister and I bought a bunch of flowers to her

*Carnation - a type of flower for mother.

We decided to give a surprise to her, and so we hide at outside my house .
I was hugging my dog and my sister was holding the flowers. While she was back, we go and press my house's bell ring .
Ding Dong~~!
While she open the door, i shouted 'Happy B'day' to her ! She shocked !
Ahaha!! But the thing we knew that she was so happy <3

After that, my daddy came back and took us to dinner
We went to South Sea for our dinner..

Australian Abalone ;) Alive & Kickin

My eldest sis and me

My mom and me

My dog and me XD

Within two weeks, I have in the sick state ! I felt very hard !!
This is my own deserve, because I ate Mc' Donald day by day, swimming in the middle of the night, drank wine, sing k, coffee and coffee with my classmates..
But I wont do that again !! I 'll keep healthy ^^

SHINee !!

In E-Pop again !! WoW, I like this so much ;D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Annoyance .

Everyone said that Puppy Love Couldn't Stay Longer..
Is that right??

Everyone tried to persuade me to Give Up ..
Is that right??

Everyone told me that The Next Will Be Better ..
Is that right??

Everyone told me Do Not Waste Time On Him Anymore ..
Is that right??

Ohh~~ For me, it is very difficult.
I really
have to make this decision??

This relationship
has been winding me eight months
, I'm almost collapsed le .. :(

In fact, I don't care how people say ^.^
But .. My love has limits !

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love Pain

Hmms, I have something to say..
Seriously !!

I did a very foolish thing in the April Fools Day
I had changed my relationship status
Unexpected, that you would congratz me
Omg~! You broke my heart..Really hurt me !!

I realize that LOVE doesn't means must be together
And I don't care about the relationship between you & me , I just care how you think of me
But you don't even give me an answer/respond
Do you like me ? *You always avoid this question
I don't know what love means to you

8 months, I waited and waited
The person I love and love again..
I been waiting for so long , for something to arrive
For love to come along !!

I'll be standin' there by you

Friday, March 18, 2011

School Holiday *March

I'm back !! XD
I love my background so muchhhhhhhhhhh
Ahaha!! SHINee with me ;D

Right, school holiday..I like it !!

Coco & Priya B'day Party
Momo Paradise

Celebrated with my classmate ,isn't a gathering la..I think
Not many ppl attended *include our class monitor
But we had fun also ^^

At night, went to Funfair with Lover
Get a Big Doraemon ^^
But I hope that I can get a Mashimaro :)

See~ stupid face XDD

At night,I wore pajamas for him; In the morning, I took off for him
haha,so busy XD

Time really flies , end of March le..
SPM !! Coming Soon !!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Take A Rest ;)

0h!! I'm so happy now, so excited !!
haha,cos........I got SHINee' s mini poster from E-pop!!
Right,I got it!! Delighted

And other k-pop artist ,
such as TVXQ,Super junior,Snsd,F(x),4minute,Beast,2pm,2am,CNBlue,FT-Island,Infinite,ZE-A,Teen Top etc..
*some poster i didn't take pic

My SHINee ^^

Enjoyment, followed the rhythm,the melody~
I would like to have a cup of coffee
NO.W !! Ya, Right Now !! XD

Oh~Baby baby baby talk to me
La la la la la
Haha..I'm getting crazy :P

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hard But Easy !

Wee~ long time no update my blog le
Cos ntg special XD

I just want to remind myself that in this society, we have to learn to separate !! INDEED
Fortunately, I did it
I can shopping alone,its okayy. For me, no big deal !

Someone make me feel VERY disappointed, sigh..
It's about friendship la..
You must be held responsible for your matter, if not some unexpected things will come to u
Cos this isn't the first time u treat me like that
But don't worry too much,i won't do some stupid things to u,because i still see u as my friend..

As for love, I do ignore
Focus on academic bahh..
Here, I give myself filling
Fighting !! ;D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That I Was Once By Your Side

It's 0kayy Even If I'm Hurt~~
The further I turn away to forget you, the more i miss you
I knew I couldn't have you, but my heart just keep growing
I'm such a fool and couldn't let go !!

I don't wish to have you, just want to love
Although I know it is no chance at all, but I just don't know why I can't erase everything about you.
I will endure even if it keeps hurting..

Loving you.. It was my mistake
It's my mistake for not making you love me more
It's my mistake for loving you more than you love me
It's my mistake for not making you love me as much as i wanted you to.
It's my mistake for not letting you go
It's my mistake for waiting by myself. Regretting by myself

If you're meeting someone else, pls remember That I Was Once By Your Side.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

5 Harmoni Memorable Gathering ;D

28/1/11 5H Gathering
De Pastry Chef

6pm,I reached there, saw Siewchen*our class monitor and kin yin
Lucky,I'm not the first arrived

Then,we start take picture and eat
Because it is a buffet,so we enjoy eating without thinking XD

almost all the classmate that promised attend ady reached
(about 20 ppl only,some of them said no money so they didn't join us)

And the last one is my dear*Jacqueen ><
you're too late !
8 something,we went to Jusco by bus..
we don't know where got bus stop ><
so,we walked and walked
We walk from menjalara to faja !!! Incredible!!
it's too tired,
but let us feel the spirit of cooperation

we walk in the highway side><
it is so dangerous,but we no chance at all..and so we take care of each other..

keep counting ppl for make sure that anyone is here with us
During the journey, we keep tell each other be careful

the DOREMON makes me laugh,haha!
he is funny

Finally, we reached Jusco!
10pm,enjoy the movie 'homecoming' .To me, it's a nice movie*but not the best XD

More picture at Siewchen thr..
but she back hometown ady ,wanna wait

The perfect monitor in 5H class
sry that we made many troubles to you
If the class without you one day,I can't imagine what will become ..
pasar? lols..

Dong Dong ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

End ♥

Kept remembering the first time I saw you,walking towards me
And stolen my heart without noticing

I don't wish to reject you, but I just know that!

I can't handle the love memories and feelings alone
I can't start this, I can't only miss you secretly

No matter how close we are ,
I know that I can't love you anymore,I can't miss you
Waiting for you makes me tired

You make me cry
I hurt as each day passes day by day
And I can't endure anymore!

The last post for you
I'll stop here
Take care.