Sunday, September 2, 2012

College Life

Woo Hoo ~~
Is been a long time I didn't update my blog, so... I'm Back ! xD
First, I'm gonna share my college life with you guys :)
Hmm.. I just finished my semester 1 & enjoying 3 weeks holiday 
I'm taking Diploma in Hotel Management and I really like this course.
I've learned a lot about cooking, serving & some extra knowledge within this 3 months 
And .. Is fun xD 

Here's some photos :)

 with our English Lecturer, Ms. Pam

with our F & B Lecturer, Mr. Justin

my gang

DH2 Group 3 & 4

3 of us
In the kitchen  

I love them ^.^

Sem 2 is starting !! :(

My Lover 

 Her Birthday is coming ~ So , stay tuned for my next post ;)