Friday, March 18, 2011

School Holiday *March

I'm back !! XD
I love my background so muchhhhhhhhhhh
Ahaha!! SHINee with me ;D

Right, school holiday..I like it !!

Coco & Priya B'day Party
Momo Paradise

Celebrated with my classmate ,isn't a gathering la..I think
Not many ppl attended *include our class monitor
But we had fun also ^^

At night, went to Funfair with Lover
Get a Big Doraemon ^^
But I hope that I can get a Mashimaro :)

See~ stupid face XDD

At night,I wore pajamas for him; In the morning, I took off for him
haha,so busy XD

Time really flies , end of March le..
SPM !! Coming Soon !!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Take A Rest ;)

0h!! I'm so happy now, so excited !!
haha,cos........I got SHINee' s mini poster from E-pop!!
Right,I got it!! Delighted

And other k-pop artist ,
such as TVXQ,Super junior,Snsd,F(x),4minute,Beast,2pm,2am,CNBlue,FT-Island,Infinite,ZE-A,Teen Top etc..
*some poster i didn't take pic

My SHINee ^^

Enjoyment, followed the rhythm,the melody~
I would like to have a cup of coffee
NO.W !! Ya, Right Now !! XD

Oh~Baby baby baby talk to me
La la la la la
Haha..I'm getting crazy :P

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hard But Easy !

Wee~ long time no update my blog le
Cos ntg special XD

I just want to remind myself that in this society, we have to learn to separate !! INDEED
Fortunately, I did it
I can shopping alone,its okayy. For me, no big deal !

Someone make me feel VERY disappointed, sigh..
It's about friendship la..
You must be held responsible for your matter, if not some unexpected things will come to u
Cos this isn't the first time u treat me like that
But don't worry too much,i won't do some stupid things to u,because i still see u as my friend..

As for love, I do ignore
Focus on academic bahh..
Here, I give myself filling
Fighting !! ;D