Friday, November 11, 2011

Special days

04/11/2011 Graduate day !

Tears welled up in my eyes when we hugged the teachers who had taught us , but still I can control not to let them fall . Also, I hugged my friends and wished them good luck .

Had a farewell party at my house , we invited teachers also .

To commemorate our memorable moments in secondary school , I've made a video . ^.^

07/11/2011 My Big Day :D

Had a great celebration with my lover . Your plan totally surprised me !
Btw, Thank you lover , I u .

Ah huh ! My dearest monitor , although your plan has failed , I appreciate too .
You're the one who can bear my temper xD

Thanks for your gift

And thanks to those friends who had sent me wishes :)

A very special day ! Hope it can bring me luckiest .

Is sad to say 3 days more and I'm going to sit for my final examination in my high school ..
S - P - M !!

Therefore, I should stop here and study . Bye ~