Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hari Koko 2011

Yesterday was our school's Hari - Koko Day .
Oh~ yeah , I like that! I like those programs especially Hip Hop Idol !
Mario, me & Jac keep shouting .' Wow . Encore Encore !!' xD That's what we shouted

Taekwondo . So man ! xD

Before the end, we joined the Chicken Dance

everyone laughed while dancing

Finish !

Although the choreography is a bit awkward, we enjoyed dancing too.

I hope next year's Hari- Koko I'll be available to come back to participate in or watch the show.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yummy Cakeeee !

Hey guys , I'm back ! Finally willing to update my blog ^.^ Tee-Hee
Originally me and Jac want to participate in Cake Decoration on Hari-Koko , but eventually canceled :(
Because of time constraints must be completed within 45 minutes, and we don't think we can finish that. So sad!

It's okay, I felt better now.
We've done a cake and so we got an experience.
After school, my sis fetched me and Jac went to buy the ingredient on Monday.
Had a lot of fun when we're making that cake. We non-stop laughing because of the cream xD
Let's take a look~

The theme is SPORT. So, we chose football :)

Nice? I don't think so xD
But my friends said nice * hey guys, I know you're comforted me
Anyway thanks :)
And the taste.. Hmms ~ I think not bad. Yea, that's great ! Yummy ^.^
I like it! I like pastry, dessert and all the sweet things hehe

The next, I decided to make cookies . Hope that I succeed. God bless me !

Yah ~! I have changed my blog song. I love this song !!
Onew !! His voice is soooooo soft,warm,charm and.. I dont know how to express . Lols
If you listen you'll understand what I'm talking about . Chu~!