Saturday, January 29, 2011

5 Harmoni Memorable Gathering ;D

28/1/11 5H Gathering
De Pastry Chef

6pm,I reached there, saw Siewchen*our class monitor and kin yin
Lucky,I'm not the first arrived

Then,we start take picture and eat
Because it is a buffet,so we enjoy eating without thinking XD

almost all the classmate that promised attend ady reached
(about 20 ppl only,some of them said no money so they didn't join us)

And the last one is my dear*Jacqueen ><
you're too late !
8 something,we went to Jusco by bus..
we don't know where got bus stop ><
so,we walked and walked
We walk from menjalara to faja !!! Incredible!!
it's too tired,
but let us feel the spirit of cooperation

we walk in the highway side><
it is so dangerous,but we no chance at all..and so we take care of each other..

keep counting ppl for make sure that anyone is here with us
During the journey, we keep tell each other be careful

the DOREMON makes me laugh,haha!
he is funny

Finally, we reached Jusco!
10pm,enjoy the movie 'homecoming' .To me, it's a nice movie*but not the best XD

More picture at Siewchen thr..
but she back hometown ady ,wanna wait

The perfect monitor in 5H class
sry that we made many troubles to you
If the class without you one day,I can't imagine what will become ..
pasar? lols..

Dong Dong ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

End ♥

Kept remembering the first time I saw you,walking towards me
And stolen my heart without noticing

I don't wish to reject you, but I just know that!

I can't handle the love memories and feelings alone
I can't start this, I can't only miss you secretly

No matter how close we are ,
I know that I can't love you anymore,I can't miss you
Waiting for you makes me tired

You make me cry
I hurt as each day passes day by day
And I can't endure anymore!

The last post for you
I'll stop here
Take care.