Thursday, May 31, 2012

Feeling Blue

Time changes, people change,lives changes, You changed!

Yea. You! One of my best friends. I remember every single word you told me, the things you promise me. But when I ask you, you were like ' huh, got meh?'  I got nothing to really say with that. Meanwhile, my heart is bleeding.. I eventually realized that you are just simply saying.

I miss very weekdays we met in the morning, we talked & making fun with each other. Every time I saw you, my mood goes straight up. For me,those moments I spent with you were irreplaceable. The happiness is priceless.
We used to text almost every day & night. But now, everything changed! The last message I received from you was few weeks ago. We didn't chat much. Maybe, we have nothing to talk about anymore.. I don't want this stupid idiot thing to be happens again. I miss our unstoppable conversation. I miss you!
 Have you..have you try to think about me? Given any thought about me?


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